Windows Messenger Contacts Appear Offline

I have encountered a strange issue with my Windows Live Messenger 2011 today. All of my msn contacts appear offline. Despite how many times I have tried to restart my com, reset my internet connection, and even flush my dns, the result is still the same. Like usual, i decided to google and this is the solution that i have found:

For Windows 7 users

  1. Close your Window Messenger application.
  2. Go to C:Users<your Windows login name>AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live.
  3. Delete the Contacts folder.
  4. Start your messenger, it should work now 🙂

Contacts in Windows Live Messenger appear Offline when they are Online

8 thoughts on “Windows Messenger Contacts Appear Offline”

  1. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks i loooove you !!
    i tried eveeeery fuckin thing !! i deleted things added things

    but nothing worked !! but now 😀 im happy ha ha

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