2014 – Big Leap Forward

Being forced to wear the bunny’s ear T.T

Other than hitting the big 30, it is also the year which we will be receiving our flat and start preparing for our marriage in 2015. Another step closer in starting out a family on our own! A rough schedule for us to follow:

  • Jan – Apr: We will be busy brainstorming for renovation ideas and things to look out for (especially hidden renovation costs).
    Our research sources: Interior Design Magazine, Blogs and Friends (House-warming)!
  • May – Jun: Source for quotations based on our design and decided if we should go for ID or manage┬áthe contractors on our own.
  • Jul – Sep: Should be collecting our keys during this period, perhaps we can use this time to plan for our wedding! Again our main wedding research sources will be: Wedding Magazine, Blogs and Friends!
  • Nov – Dec: Renovation completed! *random estimation*

Side Note for Me:
While we will be busy with our renovation and marriage’s preparation, we should not neglect spending time with our parents. Being 30 would also means that our parents is in their last stage of life. As one aged, we (everyone) tended to get stubborn and forgetful. Talking to us suddenly becomes a frustrating affair.

So before we get angry with your parents, take a deep breath and think.

Have your parents ever neglect you when you are still a baby (while you wake them in the middle of the night for milk)? How many times your parents have been putting up with your stubbornness while they are just trying to teach you the right values?

Or how many times they have been there for you when you need help? Now this is the time where they need you the most, don’t let them down. Lastly think of the quote below and reflect upon yourself whenever you get frustrated:

Love your parents and treat them with love and care. For you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.

Empty Rocking Chair on a Deck

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