Newfeel Backenger 200 Review

I was totally sold when I first saw Newfeel Backenger 200 advertisement video on Facebook. You see, I am a “backpack” guy and quite often, in order not to obstruct fellow commuters  in the crowded trains and buses, I had to hand-carry my backpack bag. So naturally, the idea of able to switch from a backpack to shoulder bag within seconds excite me, as this will free up my hand for my ebooks *ooppss*.

I bought my Newfeel Backenger 200 bag from Decathlon Singapore for a reasonable price of $74SGD which comes with a free delivery (for every purchase more than $60SGD). The delivery was prompt and the after-sales service was good.

How do I know that? This is because I have accidentally picked the wrong color and Caroline Frances (from Decathlon) quickly followed up on my email and assisted me with my order. And most importantly of all, I managed to get my bag within 2 working days! 🙂

Ok let’s go back to the review…
First impression: The bag looks different from the version I saw on the video (0:48-0:52). The bag received looks rather glossy and I realized that Newfeel didn’t make any effort to hide away its barcode label.

Another flaw about the bag is that it doesn’t has the comfort of a backpack. When you are on “backpack” mode with a load more than 4kg, the strap on your right with the special retractable mechanism will feel much tighter compared to the left (no matter on how much you tried to adjust the straps). Your right shoulder will feel the strained after backpacking it for sometime.


After using the bag for 2 weeks, I am quite satisfied with the product. Even though the bag is still strictly for light-load usage purpose, to give you an idea of how a light-load bag looks like:

  • Nexus 7 Tablet
  • Toshiba Ultrabook Z930 (ultra-thin laptop) + mouse
  • A4 notepad
  • A set of clothes
  • Newspaper

7 thoughts on “Newfeel Backenger 200 Review”

  1. Can you share how the flap on the right side works? (opposite side of the side used for putting a water bottle) Maybe a picture close up?


  2. I have the same bag (tweed version) and both straps in the backpack mode seem to feel right. It’s easy to adjust them to get the correct tension.

    1. Actually after using the bag for 2 weeks, I am quite satisfied with the product (provided if I keep my bag light). And I am pretty surprised that the water component can hold my Starbucks tumbler, which is a plus point for me.

      But I still feel strained on my right shoulder if I have to carry a heavy load (ard 4kg).

      Anyway would love to see the tweed version 🙂

  3. Great review! How distracting or hindering is the strain on the right shoulder? Also, Is there a difference between the Newfeel Backenger 200 and 100?

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