How to Generate Facebook Access Token for Public Page Feed?

Most clients would prefer a customized Facebook feed (especially those supporting multiple social media) , hence this bring us to this question:

“What is the easiest method to generate a Facebook access token just to retrieve their public page feed?”

A simple step is to create an “empty” Facebook application and use its access token (note that most likely the UI is going to change but the idea is there):

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Add a New App” (My Apps > Add a New App).
  3. Select “WWW” (or any) and click on “Skip and Create App ID”.
  4. Give theĀ application a suitable name and namespace for future reference.
  5. Grats! You have generated your own access token! For secret key, remember to click on the “Show” button.
  6. To verify, key in the following url and you should be able to see the public page feed:<page id>/posts?access_token=<App ID – as shown in above image>|<App Secert>

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