MySQL Error 1064 with SQuirrel SQL Client

“How can it be!! The usual create stored procedure statement is running fine in my previous laptop is no longer working here”.

While waiting for my colleague, James to return from his meeting, I thought I can work on my portal by repopulating back the stored procedures back to the database (as this is my new laptop). Instead of the usual success message, I was hit with the following error code 1064 in SQuirrel SQL Client:
Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 3
SQLState:  42000
ErrorCode: 1064

Feeling frustrated, I tried to google on the solution and found this article in MySQL reference manual (the solution works). But this still doesnt explained why the statement works in my previous laptop using the same sql client. My thoughts was suddenly interrupted by Sengsiong (another colleague of mine).

“James is back! Let go, we are going to be late for the movie (The Dictator)!” (btw The Dictator is quite a funny movie)

After the movie, we ate our dinner together before I flagged a cab home. With the bogging error 1064 still in my mind, I took out my laptop and continue to troubleshoot the issue. Out of a sudden, a thought hit me, can it be as simple as I did not include mysql-plugin in the SQuirrel SQL client, after all this makes perfect sense right? If MySQL always required us to use delimiter cmd and so far I am not using it, there must be a parser plugin somewhere.

So I click on SQuirrel SQL installer and select MySQL plugin and bingo, its works!! Woo!!

Guess its time to go back to coding 🙂

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