How to Remove Sign Up Link in WebSphere Portal Theme?


WebSphere Portal theme will show Sign Up link by default for anonymous users. We can remove the link by deleting “Anonymous Portal User” from USER SELF ENROLLMENT virtual resources Editor role.

Do the following steps to remove Sign Up Link in WebSphere Portal Theme:

  • Login to WebSphere Portal using your portal administrator account.
  • Go to Portal Administration page (http://<hostname>/Administration).
  • Go to “Access > Resource Permissions” and click on “Virtual Resources” (It should be on the 2nd page).
  •  Click on USER SELF ENROLLMENTAssign Access” button.
  • Click on EditorEdit Role” button.20160229128
  • Remove “Anonymous Portal User” from Editor Role.
  • Now logout to verify the changes. The Sign Up link should be remove for Anonymous Portal User now.20160229131

3 thoughts on “How to Remove Sign Up Link in WebSphere Portal Theme?”

  1. Thanks for share!… I tried it on WPS 8. However the link don’t disappear but on click user enrollment have been disabled showing the following message: “Users can not be enrolled in this portal, or you do not have permission to perform user enrollment.”

    1. Hi Jose,

      We are not too sure for WPS 8 as we no longer have the environment in our company. Perhaps you can just drop a PMR with IBM.

  2. Hi buddy. This solution is ok for us, because our goal was to disable self enrollment. Now we have already migrated to WPS 8.5 and these steps work fine and the “signup” link has gone! Thank you very much again for share your knowledge and tips.

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