Preparing Theme’s Profile for Production Environment

It is always a good practice (but not necessary) to prepare a seperate production profile to remove modules that are not needed in the production (delivery) environment. The profile will also calls custom module that are built specially for production environment. An idea of what the custom module will contains:

  • Minified css and javascript
  • Google Analytics (for production)


Below shows a list of IBM default modules that we will usually remove from our production profile:

Module Description
getting_started_module The getting started module is a pre-defined module that you can use as starting place to quickly inject your own resources into the current theme.
wp_toolbar_host_view Module that groups all theme modules that are needed to make a page interoperable with the site toolbar. Add this module to the theme profile of your page if you want to edit the page by using the site toolbar. This module contains all contributions that are needed for view mode. This module must be added to the non-deferred section of the theme profile.
wp_portlet_css Earlier portlet CSS support.
wp_client_ext Contains advanced utilities like Promises, IO, DOM helpers, events, and the deferred module loading code.
wp_status_bar The theme status bar that relays information, warning, and error messages to the user.
wp_theme_menus The menu framework that was introduced in 2002.
wp_theme_skin_region Provides accessibility support
wp_layout_windowstates Maximize or Minimize portlet support that is implemented as a server-side data source.
wp_analytics_aggregator Inserts the reference to the analytics aggregator and its dependencies into the page.
wp_oob_sample_styles Styles for default web content samples.
wp_ic4_wai_resources Provides resources to enable Connections integration with WAI (Web Application Integrator).
wp_worklight_ext Automatically loads the MobileFirst Client and Cordova APIs for you so you can add native device capabilities in your hybrid applications.
wp_sametime_proxy New Sametime proxy support.
wp_draft_page_ribbon Adds Draft Page in text that appears along the sides of a page that has a draft in the current project.
Updates: module has been remove in WebSphere Portal 8.5 CF10
wp_theme_portal_edit_85 Contribution that is loaded when edit mode is turned on. Separates view mode from edit mode.
wp_analytics_tags Public module that provides the analytics tag and site promotion functions. This module also provides the dynamic content spots that produce the analytics micro-formats.
wp_contextmenu_live_object Provides Live Object Framework service to handle Component Action menu instances on a page.
wp_content_targeting_cam Provides resources that are required for the Content Targeting dialog that is started from the Component Action menu.
wp_skin_cam Allows the Component Action Menu to be opened by clicking an icon in the portlet skin.

In case you are wondering how much does this exercise really save. ┬áIt only managed to save 2 http requests and 54KB. The difference isn’t significant but we did it anyway for all of our clients.


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