WebSphere Portal 8.5: Customize Ephox Editor

Updates (6-Jul-2015): 
With Chrome (version 42) finally dropping support for NPAPI, we can only hope that Ephox Textbox.io can catch up with its predecessor - http://docs.ephox.com/display/IBMWCMTB/Textbox.io+for+IBM+WCM+Home.

We have been encouraging our clients to use Ephox Editor as their default WCM rich text editor ever since IBM has acquired Ephox Editor OEM licence. Hence it is important for us to know how to:

  • Customize Ephox Editor default menu and toolbar items (for example change the default font size from “pt” to “px”)
  • Apply our custom theme css classes styles in Ephox Editor

Most of the customization will be taking place at the config file, it is located at  <wp_profile>/installedApps/<cell>/wcm.ear/editor-editlive-config.war/config/config.xml.jsp.


Steps to customize Ephox Editor default editor settings:

  1. Read Setting Menu and Toolbar Items tutorial guide first.
  2. Edit the config file accordingly.
  3. Restart the server.


Steps to include custom theme css in Ephox Editor:

  1. Read Using CSS in the Applet tutorial guide first.
  2. Edit the config file accordingly.
  3. Restart server.


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