WebSphere Portal Bug: Missing “error” icon in Authoring Comment Section After Removing Context Root

9 Feb 2016: We have raised a PMR with IBM (#63843,000,834). 

9 March 2016 - IBM L2 replied:
"This seems to be an environmental issue. We tried to recreate the same on several local environments; but it's working absolutely fine everywhere! Will try on other environments; you may also meanwhile retry on other environments and update us." 

We immediately replied that we are able to replicate the issue in all of our environments (including local).
11 May 2016: IBM L2 finally acknowledge that they are able to replicate the issue after 3 month of "ding dong". #AmazingJourney #L3WillKnowImmediately #StopHogging

27 May 2016: IBM has come back with a fix (IFPI63085).

IBM finally allow us to remove context root using Configuration Wizard but it seems that the configuration wizard has missed out editing the context path in one of the javascript files (\PA_WCM_Authoring_UI.ear\ilwwcm-authoring.war\layers\full.js) in PA_WCM_Authoring_UI.  This in return causing a broken “error” icon with the comment dialog. The only reason why we keep pushing it as PMR (instead of fixing ourselves) is because we do not want to keep patching the file every time we patch the server with new CF.

How to replicate:

  • Follow “Changing the site URL after an installation” article to remove the context root.
  • Attach a content with a workflow that requires user’s comment on approval.
  • Click on the “Ok” button without keying anything in the comment box and the error will appear.
  • We can easily tell that the javascript is still referencing “/wps” by inspecting it using developer tools.



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