WebSphere Portal: Remove “/wps/portal” from URL

IBM has finally provides us a way to remove "/wps/portal" in WebSphere Portal *pops champagne*. Do take note that this only applies to WebSphere Portal v8.5 CF8 onwards.

Take note (as of WebSphere Portal v8.5 CF8): After you have successfully remove “/wps/portal”, the system will not be unable to locate all previous custom themes that you have created earlier. You will need to run xmlaccess manually to remove “/wps” from the theme context-path.
“EJPFD0097E: No theme was found to render the page. Navigate to Administration and assign a working theme to restore full function to your site.”


Do the following steps to remove “/wps/portal”:

  1. Start cw_profile. Open your cmd and go to <app_server>\ profiles\cw_profile\bin and type “startServer.bat server1“.
  2. Go to Configuration Wizard (http://<server_ip>:10200/ibm/wizard).
  3. Login in with admin ID for cw_profile profile.
  4. Click “Set Up a Stand-alone Server > Modify Site URLs for Search Engine Optimization” or “Set Up a Cluster > Modify Site URLs for Search Engine Optimization” depending on your environment type.
  5. Click on “URL Settings” and select “Yes” for “Do you want to modify or remove your context root” field blank. (as of WebSphere Portal v8.5 CF8) I would not remove navigation state information using this method as this will cause┬ádefault portal 8.5 theme to lose its navigation state as well. A better method will be this.
  6. Click on the “Next” arrow.
  7. Key in the required admin information and leave “Context root” and “
  8. Click on “Start Configuration” button.
  9. Click on “OK” button.
  10. The wizard will pause at certain manual steps. Click on the “Instructions” link to follow through the manual configuration.
  11. Congrats! You have remove “/wps/portal” from the url!


3 thoughts on “WebSphere Portal: Remove “/wps/portal” from URL”

  1. Thank you for putting the steps all together. I have went through the process, even though I also wanted to remove the navigation state, but I sticked to the recommendation of this post to remove later as soon as I remove /wps/portal from the URL.

    So I have WebSphere Portal v8.5 – stand-alone installation. After completing all steps successfully, I am getting this error: “Error 500: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException”

    So when I type http://hostname:port/wps/portal/ it redirects me to http://hostname:port/Home/Welcome/!ut/%5Brest of navigation state] with the previous error.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mouhanad,

      No one in our team has encountered “Error 500: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException” after removing “/wps/portal” from the context root. Perhaps it is related to a separate issue.

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