WebSphere Portal: Setting up SMTP for WCM Workflow

Do the following to configure your SMTP server for WCM workflow notification:

  1. Log in to WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console (https://<server ip>:<port:10041>/ibm/console).
  2. Go to “Resource Environment > Resource Environment Providers” and click on “WCM WCMConfigService.
  3. Click on “Custom properties” link.
  4. Add in the following properties:
    1. connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpserver = Smtp server ip / hostname (mail.yourmailserver.com)
    2. connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultfromaddress = Default From email address (auto@yourmailserver.com)
    3. connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultreplytoaddress = Default Reply-to Field (auto@yourmailserver.com) *optional*
  5. If you are using a secure SMTP server, add in the following properties as well:
    1. connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultusername = Username
    2. connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultpassword = Password
  6. If your SMTP server is running other than port 25, add in “connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpport” and state the port.
  7. Restart portal.


How to customize the URL in WCM workflow notification email?

Usually we will help our clients to remove WCM port from the notification email. In order to do this, we would add in “wcm.authoringui.url=http://${WCM_HOST}/${WCM_WPS_CONTEXT_ROOT}/${WCM_WPS_PERSONALIZED_HOME}/wcmAuthoring” property in WCM WCMConfigService resource environment provider.

The default value for “wcm.authoringui.url” is:

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